My Friend Claude
From: Elroy Wilke

This appeared in the Tinosa Blatt of August 1984

I went to see my friend Claude the other day. It seems his brother Marcel was the only one in the community that was catching fish. Folks went fishin and didn't catch any; but Marcel Ledbetter would come back from fishin with a pickup truck loaded down. So the state game wardens decided to go along fishin with Marcel and learn how he was catching so many fish. Marcel had told them that they did not know how to fish and they should watch him and learn how it should be done.

One of the game wardens got into the boat and away they went out to the middle of the river. The game warden said, "Now Marcel show me how you catch all of those fish".

So Marcel raised the lid on the boat seat and came out with a big long stick of dynamite and lit the fuse. He let it burn down short and then he chucked it as far as he could throw it and there was a big boom and big catfish were turning belly up on the surface and Marcel was getting them by the tub full.

The game warden said, "You idiot, don't you know that it is against the law and you can't do that?" About that time Marcel lit another big stick of dynamite and handed it to the game warden.

Sketch #15 by Wagner
Art work by Chuck Wagner

Then the game warden said, "You idiot, this is breaking the law".

Marcel said, "Are you going to sit there and argue or fish?"