Old Logo
History of the organization

In September 1955, approximately 60 men registered for the first meeting in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The actual attendance was about 25. It was decided to establish an annual reunion to perpetuate the memories of all submarine veterans who served in World War II. The organization was granted it's first incorporation papers on February 15, 1956 in the state of New Jersey. The name of the papers was "Submarine Veterans of World War II". The title caused some initial concern, it attracted men who had served in submarines from other countries. The name was changed to include "U.S.".

Federal Charter Granted:

At the San Diego reunion, the first application was made for a Federal Charter in 1960. After 21 years of hard work, a Federal Charter was granted in November 1981. At that time we had United States President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George Bush to thank for approving the Federal Charter. Following the sixth annual reunion, membership grew rapidly. Each state, to commerate the loss of at least one submarine during World War II, was designated a lost-boat to represent their state in setting up a Memorial to their lost Submarine Veterans.

Memorials have been erected throughout the country in various forms. There are plaques, torpedo, WWII Submarine Conning Towers, actual restored submarines for visitors and gravestone markers for families of deceased.