From: Elroy Wilke

Published in the Tinosa Blatt of April 1984

Marcel Ledbetter always I tried to get into some kind of a business other than hauling firewood. Hauling firewood was hard work and not too profitable.

He acquired a partner by the name of Jim Roots and they went into the moving business. It was known as "THE MARCELL LEADBETTER MOVING COMPANY". Since Marcell borrowed the money to buy the truck, he had his name on the company letterheads.

One day the phone rang and a lady asked, "Mr. Leadbetter, will you move a piano for me?" and he answered, "Yes Mam'm".

They got to the address and it was a big three-story house with a big bay window on the second floor. The lady wanted the piano moved out of the second floor down to the first floor.

Marcell got up there and got to checking things out but there was no way to get down on the inside. It seems there was extensive renovation work done to the doorway and the piano would no longer fit. Even if they could manage to get it past the door they didn't have enough folks to tote it down. Marcell says, "I know what we will do."

With this, he got one of those big two by six planks and went up and nailed it on top of the house and let it stick out over the roof above the big bay window. He put one of those block and tackles up there with one of those pulleys and brought the hook down into the bay window. Here, they tied up the piano real good and hooked the piano to the rigging. Jim Roots and the hired hand were to ease the piano out the window. Marcell had locked the end of the rope around his wrist while down on the sidewalk.

Marcell said, "Alright now, shove it out the window easy and I will ease it down."

Sketch #14 by Wagner
Art work by Chuck Wagner

They eased it out the window and just as it left the windowsill that piano started down and Marcell started up. He passed that piano about half way up, and then he passed Jim Roots and the hired hand. The piano hit the sidewalk with a big boom and went into a thousand pieces. Splinters covered the whole street. About that time Marcell's head hit that pulley up there and down he came flat on his back with a tremendous thud. He lay on his backside among all those splinters and was knocked unconscious.

Down came Jim Roots, crying, and he got to Marcell and slapped him and said, "Speak to me."

Finally Marcell opened his eyes and said, "Why should I speak to you, I just passed you twice up there and you didn't say nothing."