By: Bliss E. Nisonger
This article was first published in the Tinosa Blatt August 1981

If you went through New London for sub training you may have been questioned at some time during your training by a Doctor Stein. He was the head shrink for submarine sailors.

To make a long story short he asked (edited) very personal questions during his examination mostly related to sex. The responses he received determined if you passed of failed his criteria for submarine duty.

He, Stein, bless his ever-loving bones, needed attention toward the end of the war.

We sailors who had undergone his stamp of approval made light of the situation by saying that Doctor Stein had flunked all the sane sailors and let the nuts take over the submarine service.

You know, when I think about it, he may have been correct. Stop and think, how many so called normal people would do what submarine sailors did without hesitation or the need to take a vote of everyone concerned to see if it should be or not be done.

Sketch #21 by Monroe
Sketch by Jack Monroe