On the Scholarship Program

by Robert D. (Ben) Benites, Scholarship Director

To succeed every organization should have a motto, credo or mission. The submariners of WW II knew their mission and went to sea to complete it. At the end of hostilities this elite cadre of men desired to perpetuate the camaraderie, pride and unity that existed amongst the crews of their submarines, and to promote the memory of their lost shipmates. What better way to accomplish this mission than to assure a brighter future for their children through education.

The concept of establishing a scholarship fund was commenced in 1959. The purpose was to provide financial assistance to the children of submarine veterans of world war II. The sponsor would be required to be a qualified member of the U.S. Submarine Veterans of WW II organization. Selection would be based on competive academic standings and financial need.

Beginning with the first award of $350.00 the program grew. As the generous donations increased so did the amount of the awards, and during the peak years 57 awards of $3,000.00 each for four years were granted. Over 1,300 scholarship awards have been granted to undergraduate students with an amazing 98% completion rate. We are proud of the many accomplishments of our graduates which were made possible, in part, by the generous donations of the organization's members.

In 1991 an agreement was reached with the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation to manage our program. In the year following that in which no applications for scholarships are received the fund will be turned over to the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation with the proviso that three perpetual awards be made annually. The first in memory of U.S. Submarine Veterans of WW II, the second in memory of Arnold Krippendorf, a member who donated $186,000.00 to the scholarship fund. In addition to our National Memorials these perpetual awards will serve as the legacy to all the men and wives who have sailed on their final patrols.