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About the men and the World War II submarine
U.S. Tinosa (SS-283)


The motto, shown above in Latin, means "FROM COMMON PERIL, BROTHERHOOD".
This motto was adopted after WWII and authored by Al Watrous.
The month is October and the year is 2000; the stories that are in this web site have been in the making since the World War II era and earlier. The site represents the contributions of many of the men who served on board this World War II submarine. These are the people who maintained, recorded and contributed to the history of the USS Tinosa, and it's people, which made this effort possible.

A large portion of the materials presented was published in a resurrected ship's newsletter called "The Tinosa Blatt." This newsletter was first issued during war patrols in the Pacific, typed on yellow sheets of paper and distributed to the crew. It was, newsy, humorous and a boost to the morale on long patrols. The newsletter was resurected about 1980 when we held our first annual reunion in St. Louis, Missouri.

We were most fortunate to have at least two men who eventually became "Commercial Artists" on board during many of the war patrols. They have contributed art-work and many sketches during the war patrols as well as after the war. Many of these sketches are included with each respective story in this web site.

So, when a grandchild asks, "What did you do during the war, grand-pa?" We can now refer them to this web site.

USS Tinosa SS-283
Photograph when she still had her 4" deck gun.

Bell of USS Tinosa
Photograph of The Ship's Bell. First used at National Convention, 2001 St. Louis Memorial Service.

Tinosa Ensign-Old
An old WWII, 48 Star, Ensign used on board Tinosa. Property of Dale Scott.

Tinosa Ensign-at Decommissioning
A WWII, 48 Star, Ensign used on board Tinosa. Property of Dale Scott.

First Battle Flag
The first battle flag used on Tinosa. From the book "Encounter."

Second Battle Flag
The second battle flag used on Tinosa. From the book "Encounter."
Artwork by Jack Monroe. Flag made by Al Watrous.

Tinosa Battle Flag at De-Commissioning
The battle flag, representing a summary of Tinosa's war time actions.
Awarded to those men who de-commissioned the boat after WWII.
Thanks to Dale Scott for the use of his battle flag to make this and other photos of the original Ensigns used during WWII.

Monroe sketch of bird looking into periscope