from The First Appointed Web Site Chairman, Paul W. Wittmer
HISTORY OF THE PROJECT The project was initiated by the U.S. Submarine Veterans of WWII, National President, Oliver Thompson in mid October 1999. The appointment of a Web Site Chairman and a committee of dedicated, interested volunteers was formed. Most of the communications was by e-mail. Experimental and learning sites were started by the appointed webmaster team, who also set up a large (300 meg) primary web site. In mid March, 2000, the primary web site, with all initial data, came under the control of President Oliver Thompson and the webmaster team. The site you are now viewing is managed and controlled by amatuer webmaster Paul Wittmer for the express purposes of preserving, learning and displaying materials previously submitted. All materials on this site are intended to be a gift to the organization. It is to be understood that Paul Wittmer, Life Member #3503 is acting in good faith and for the "Good of the Order" and acting as a conduit and conservator for this material. This site is for the preservation and presentation of materials submitted as well as new and original materials. Furthermore, should any contributor object to the presentation of his own materials, please advise me via e-mail: and changes / corrections or removal of his story, etc., will be executed.

THE PRIMARY OBJECTIVE is to provide a historic perspective of the United States submarine men who served in World War II, and to foster general public awareness of life aboard submarines during World War II. The period of time covered will generally be from the early U.S. Submarine years through the war years and up to the advent of the first nuclear submarine, the Nautilus.

THE MATERIALS are those unique stories, and graphics that only we know about or had witnessed during this period. Personal interest stories, experiences on one or more of those liberties are of interest, as long as it is told in good taste. The history of the United States Submarine Veterans of World War II should be made readily available to future generations.

COMMUNICATIONS are a matter of survival. All living organisms have the ability to communicate within their own species. Think about it! Now here is another fact: "The speed of communications is related to technological growth." It's a pretty important subject for everyone. Among humans, communications started with gestures, speech , stories, told and re-told. Then, with the invention of the printing press, things really got moving. Later it was communications via signal beacons, postal mail, then electric wire, then wireless; and the world progressed faster yet. The increased speed of communications and the tools to use these speeds effectively are being taught in schools now. Our children and their children will no longer tolerate the cumbersome methods that we have been accustomed to. Now, in our lifetime, information is gathered rapidly on virtually any subject, by young folks at their terminals. We are making our history readily available to future generations.

A MEMORIAL of lasting import is in the making. It may be considered, our memoirs. If we, the living, don't tell it like it happened, then others will rewrite our history to suit their own agenda.